We grow peanuts on the plot

I have always (as well as other summer residents) wanted to grow something on the plot that would surprise my neighbors. I live in the Moscow region and somehow read an article that it is possible to grow groundnut peanuts in the Moscow region. It was at the end of March and without thinking twice I went to our market, where I always buy nuts for food. And she thought, well, how long have these nuts been lying, probably need a fresh harvest? Therefore, leaving 1% on the fact that something can germinate from them, I still proceeded to the following actions. I put each nut between two wet cotton pads and what was my surprise that on the second day I already saw the sprouts.
Then I planted them in pots with loose earth and had to wait a short time for green shoots ....in my opinion, similar to clover or legumes.
Then, in mid-May, I planted these seedlings in the garden under a covering material (spandbond). I didn't look there for almost a month and a half, and when I saw the flowering of small yellow flowers, then after 10 days I began to hoe these bushes like potatoes.
The other day I already dug it out and the result exceeded all my expectations. From 3 bushes I collected 124 pieces of nuts, and what delicious!!!!!
So I decided that next year I will plant more. And you try it, you won't regret it. Good luck to you at your dacha.
As you can see, there are no difficulties to grow groundnuts at your favorite dacha. We will be glad if you share your successes with us.

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