Dry the potato peelers! Potato peelings are a rich source of starch, which is so necessary for currants. From it, its berries grow to the size of a cherry.

Therefore, make it a rule not to throw away the potato peel, but to collect, dry and store until the right time.

By the way, the cleaning dries perfectly on the battery or simply laid out in one layer on the windowsill. It is better to store them in cloth bags.

All spring and summer, bury dry potato peelings under bushes or brew them with boiling water, and use the cooled broth for watering currants.
Potato peelings can also be used as a fertilizer when planting cabbage and cucumbers. To do this, they are soaked and crushed into a pulp. When preparing the holes, "potato porridge" is laid on the bottom, sprinkled with earth from above, and then seedlings are planted.

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