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You are eternal! We rarely hear these fabulous words and think little about their meaning. But everything that was originally conceived by the Creator is ingenious and simple. Our planet, however, like the universe, is a perpetual motion vehicle on a cultivation ship, where man is the captain. Every detail was originally created perfectly, self-sufficient and forever. Out of nothing, a new, more perfect and self-reproducing next new is born. So the Creator conceived in the image and likeness. Each particle can be disassembled in detail, both at the micro and macro levels of the entire universe, from prana to the perfect creation of the universe - man. How much variety is hidden in it and how much more is unknown in what is already known!

There are a couple of ways of knowing eternity through the material or spiritual world. We will develop in both directions, for man is the integrity of two worlds in great harmony. What is the practice of eternity without realizing the truth of the root cause? We have a path to ourselves and further through the innermost rooms of our soul, having achieved harmony, we will move on to eternal self-improvement. Imagine for a moment that everything around has stopped. Fix this condition. There is only you and the universe. This moment is like a pause between inhalation and exhalation, there is everything and nothing at the same time. You are here and now, time has stopped and you have nowhere to rush, but there is no turning back. Only calmness, love, grace and complete confidence that you are here and now will allow you to instantly feel one of the states of eternity. And if you remember this meditative state and adapt it into your life, which is an eternal movement towards the light, then we will move a little with you in the direction we need.

The essence of eternity is the goal and the means of achieving it in harmony, when the goal justifies the means. Why live forever when this awareness is not in the present state of bliss, where everything is proportionate! All the actions of your life, every moment comes from a state of eternity. Even the primordial thought of the Creator is filled with this meaning. Do you work relaxing or relaxing working here and now, feel everything that is happening around. Then every moment will be filled with meaning. The people around you will feel your attention, the favorable situation in your life will come to you at the right time and in the right place for you. Pay your attention to each sign, because there are many of them in your life. There is a good way to check this. On one of the working days of your life, just stop abruptly and freeze, freeze for a moment and let everything move around you and be in a hurry somewhere, while you are here and at the same time watching from the outside what is happening around you. Look at the sky and imagine how everything around you is now randomly or orderly moving, so small from a bird's eye view. And you just observe, being in this system and at the same time outside of it. Do this periodically in your life and feel the difference of states before running in a circle and here in a state of harmony and love.

Eternity Is God. Awareness of the divine design of the creation of the universe and you is an integral part of the awareness of eternity. When the Creator’s thought materialized our universe and His child, by harmonizing all universal energies, his main goal was the joint creation of the eternal and infinitely perfect. These inherent mechanisms work endlessly, the main thing is to realize their essence and apply in our life with the aim of self-improvement of ourselves and our environment. But there is another creative energy that contributes to the development of life in the universe - this is Love! She is able to endlessly support and inspire our Divine mechanism, as well as contribute to its improvement. Indeed, only in love, having achieved harmony and unity with the Creator, is it possible to create even more perfect ones.

Awareness of the root cause - gives us a full understanding of the effect. We have already touched a little complex of energies involved in the creation of an infinite universe and us. But who was the root cause of this creation? Of course the energy of the divine dream! Harmonizing in himself the whole complex of universal energies, which agreed to voluntarily participate in creation, our Father, creating thoughts, materialized the entire universe in details that are an integral part of one single whole - a perfect mechanism capable of endless development. And if we want to consciously accept and increase this given by the Creator, then it is necessary to realize the main thing - for this creation, we must be pure in thoughts and live harmoniously in love. And just as fleeting thought should be yours. Indeed, only in the complex of energies of all, having harmonized in yourself, are you able, by the energy of your dreams, to create other worlds with the love given to you by the Father, all for the good of joy and creation! But in order for us to reach these conditions, you will have a hard way to come. Indeed, only as a Creator, is it possible to create beautiful creations. And all that will be in our path will be Eternity, as well as the conscious development of his Divine dream, which was given to us by the Father in His image and meaning!