Vernal equinox (solar energy) March 20-21


A celebration day for the awakening of the Earth and female energies! This is the beginning of the astronomical spring, the time of the awakening of nature, all life on Earth.

The awakening of nature and man took place both on the spiritual and on the physical level. The meeting of spring, the arrival of birds, the first flowers and blades of grass, sap flow of trees - the dawn of nature and the universe. Planting plants, depending on climatic conditions, contributes to the creation of an image of fertility and prosperity in the New Year.

The sun, increasing its activity - crosses the celestial equator. There is an increase in the day and a decrease in the night. The energy of man under the influence of cosmic and terrestrial influence is changing. The body is filled with the strength and energy of the sun. Additionally, water purification and passage through the fire shield contribute to freeing itself from the darkness of winter. The renewal of the planets contributes to the purification of man on the subtle and material plane.

Once upon a time on the planet earth was mostly tropical and warm climate. Summer warmed the planet year-round and the abundance of plant food did not bother people with its prey. And only in the last millennia, having lost Divine abilities, we turned on the emergency system of cleansing the Earth. Winter promotes relaxation from anthropogenic stress and negative thinking.

The existing global warming leads the Earth to restoration to pristine conditions of life and is a reflection of the awakening of all mankind from a long sleep!

The sun is the primordial power of male energies. This is a manifestation of dedication and selfless love for the benefit of the universe. The right hemisphere of solar energy is a spiritual manifestation and creativity.