1. Life without violence.
It was not man who gave life to the Planet and all living creatures and it was not for him to take this life, aggravating the evolution of the universe, and also developing and forming the negative general karma of the planet, as a result of which everyone will suffer.

2. The destruction of false ego, lies and self-deception.
By lying a person creates his energy, which will make him see the world around him in illusion. A false ego leads a person to inevitable death.

3. Stop stealing someone else's.
Each thing is imbued with the energy of the owner and having stolen someone’s thing, a person undeservedly appropriated part of this energy. According to the law of conservation of energy, it must be replenished. And then the one who stole will suffer in order to compensate for the energy balance.

4. Reasonable self-sufficiency and satisfaction with the present.
For a thing to appear, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of vital energy. Energy may not be enough for family and spiritual development. The more things we accumulate, the more energy will be spent on keeping them close to us. You need to live simply and have the most necessary: ​​the space of life on earth (home), food, clothing, vehicle. In nature, every creature is provided with all conditions for a full life

5. Abstinence from the energies of passion and ignorance.
In order to raise your energy and channel it for the benefit of society, it is necessary to control sexual energy. The more a person is attached to taste, the more energy he spends on getting pleasure from food. It is better to spend energy on serving and helping people developing goodness.

6. To cleanse and preserve the purity of the spirit, soul and body.
Make an effort to maintain a calm mind, awareness, simplicity and love. Proper plant nutrition. Living in love for yourself and society. To develop the desire for absolute consciousness.

7. Knowledge, devotion and discipline.
Study great spiritual people and ancient scriptures. They contain the truth of the universe and the wisdom of cultures that have reached a high and harmonious level of development. Acceptance of spiritual authorities, direct guidance. Belief in the methods received from teachers, and their diligent practice throughout life until the attainment of Liberation. Bringing all life in line with the practice of the path. Manifestation is patience limiting oneself to superfluous things. Strong-willed and persistent spiritual work on oneself allows you to accumulate energy for development. The change in energy in the body changes the work of consciousness, and the work of consciousness affects the accumulation of energy in the body.

8. Be here and now in every moment of your life.
There is only you and the universe. This moment is like a pause between inhalation and exhalation, there is everything and nothing at the same time. You are here and now, time has stopped and you have nowhere to rush, but there is no turning back. Only calmness, love, grace and complete confidence that you are here and now will allow you to instantly feel one of the states of eternity. All the actions of your life, every moment comes from a state of eternity. Even the primordial thought of the Creator is filled with this meaning. Do you work relaxing or relaxing working here and now, feel everything that is happening around. Then every moment will be filled with meaning. The people around you will feel your attention, the favorable situation in your life will come to you at the right time and in the right place for you. Pay your attention to each sign, because there are many of them in your life.

9. The acceptance of God, the manifestation of love and the dedication of one's good deeds to the universe.

The acceptance of God as the only ideal in life, the dedication of his life to the knowledge of God, love and the spiritual path. Sincere return of valuable experience and knowledge that will help others develop, without selfish motivation to make money on this and develop a false ego.

10. Action and retribution
The belief that any perfect action brings corresponding results, hence the desire to accumulate positive results and to avoid non-harmonious manifestations of the body, speech and mind, so as not to accumulate bad reasons. The belief that through faithful spiritual guidance and hard practice one can achieve Liberation from the coherence of earthly, mortal reality.