Summer solstice June 21


During the summer solstice, the entire space around us is literally saturated with the energy of the Sun. This day is suitable for shaping the future - from the very morning, tune yourself to a positive wave and do not miss it at least until the sun goes down. The Earth will be at the farthest point from the Sun and the astronomical summer will come.

The summer solstice strongly affects all living organisms, be they humans or plants. Until the day of the Solstice, annual plants grow in height, and after that they begin to vigorously nourish their fruits. The seeds that will be sown on June 20-21 will either not sprout at all, or the seedlings will be weak and frail, even if they artificially lengthen the day.

Water on this day has the most powerful properties, therefore, on this day, water is collected for safety, treatment, and prayers. Of course, it is important to swim these days, as the entire structure of the body consists of 80% water and we will receive a charge of positive energy!

The sun is the primordial force of masculine energies. This is a manifestation of self-giving and speedless love for the good of the universe. The right hemisphere of solar energy is a spiritual manifestation and creativity.