Moon influence

The moon - in Vedic astrology - is the mind, mother, emotionality.

The moon - in Vedic astrology - is the mind, mother, emotionality.
The position of the moon in the birth chart indicates how emotionally stable the person is, sensitive and vulnerable. The moon is responsible for all the processes associated with conceiving, bearing and giving birth to children. Therefore, the position of the moon is very important for the female horoscope.

A strong moon gives love for home and children, a good memory, musical inclinations. People with a good and strong moon are friendly, open, able to love and care for others. In general, they are satisfied with their life, emotionally stable.

A weakened or stricken moon leads to abuse of pleasures, inconstancy, optionality. A weak moon is a tendency to depression, emotional instability, fears. Such people are constantly worried and worried about something. It is difficult for them to build harmonious relationships with other people.

A strong but negative moon gives a restless mind, strong uncontrollable emotions. Such people are very dependent on the opinions of others, prone to tantrums.
The beneficial effect of the moon also depends on its phases, the week before and after the full moon - the moon shows its best qualities, and the week before and after the moonless - the moon has a more negative effect.
'Lunar people' usually have a pale, round-shaped face, expressive eyes and short stature.

In the body, the moon controls the brain, the chest.

Diseases caused by the adverse effects of the moon:
• Diseases of the female genital organs
• Infertility.
• General weakness, lack of strength.
• Asthma.
• Pulmonary diseases.
• Frequent SARS.

Upay for the moon:
• The main remedy for a weakened moon is to genuinely care for your mother. It is also very important for women to respect the husband's mother (mother-in-law)! Nothing destroys lunar energy as disrespectful to the mother.
• Fasting on Mondays.
• Feeding the poor and the afflicted on Mondays.
• To enhance lunar energy, you should take care of other people and help them.
• Daily exercise complex Chandra Namaskar.
• Navagraha Yagya with special attention to the moon

Moon Day - Monday
Metal - Silver
Gem - natural sea pearl.
The color is white, various light shades are also good, dark and murky tones should be avoided.
The moon is friendly to the sun and mercury.
Neutral to Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
None of the planets does not consider his enemy. But Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu see the moon as their enemy.

Moon - development of the mind and intuition

The moon is the very embodiment of motherhood and charm! As well as relaxation, intuition, sensitivity and peace.

The moon is the very embodiment of motherhood and charm! As well as relaxation, intuition, sensitivity and peace. People who have a lot of blessed lunar energy can be easily distinguished by large, expressive, gentle and very beautiful eyes, as well as roundish, soft forms and general appeal. In addition to all this, the Moon also controls demonism, black magic, attachments, and it is precisely bad relationships with it that create all kinds of mental disorders: fears, tantrums and depression. In addition, the better our relationship with the Moon, the more happiness we experience and, therefore, become more friendly - so that relations with others are adjusted on their own. Just then, we ourselves become a "source of happiness", and what kind of person is not attracted to this?

In addition to women and children, the Moon is the patroness of mediums, clairvoyants, healers, psychologists and travelers. As well as traders in goods related to water (fish, pearls, algae, coral, etc.), agricultural products and pets. Also under her management are all professions related to clothing and fashion, food and hospitality. Most likely, if your work is connected with something of the above, it would be very useful for you to pay special attention to improving relations with the Moon (in fact, in this case, it controls your career).

Manifestations of the energy of the moon, depending on the mode in which a person is located (it is desirable to develop good moon qualities, and get rid of ignorant and passionate ones):

Ignorance: Propensity for black magic and nightlife, disrespect for women and children. Mental disorders: fears, phobias, depression, hysteria, despondency, temper, reactivity, inability to control feelings, inadequate communication, hypersensitivity, there can be serious memory disorders.

Passion: Restless mind (many desires, doubts, habit of dispersing, anxiety: “what if?”, Constant thoughts on hackneyed and irrelevant topics now), poor memory, affection (especially for your children), excessive sentimentality.

Kindness: Peace, self-satisfaction, peace of mind, a woman knows when to cry (and generally has good command of her female strength - so men have no chance), friendliness, understanding that happiness is inside, good intuition. Good relations with others, especially with women and children, as well as with mother. Itself is a good mother or a good father, if it is a man.

Methods of propitiation of the moon.

  1. Qualities to be developed:

• Respect for mother. Here I will share with you an amazing method that helps get rid of the suppressed, subconscious and any other kind of aggression towards the mother, which prevents us from living and being happy. After all, it is known that relations with parents determine all other relations. So, after a good relaxation: imagine a young mother, how she lives, what she dreams about, what she feels, meets her dad, and falls in love. They get married, you conceive what she feels, wants - does not want, how she is going through, then childbirth, then all the events from your life. How she feels all this, your whole life through her eyes, how she worries, why she does this and not otherwise. All that she does is a manifestation of maternal love and care. Try to live it all in the most colorful and detailed way from the position of mom.

• Respect for women and children (after a good study on the above method, to see a mother in every woman).

• Awareness of emotions. It is awareness, not control. What is the difference? Many people try to suppress their feelings, if the latter expose them in a bad light - which is fraught (I think everyone knows perfectly well what). Awareness of emotions is the other way around: to allow them to manifest and observe this manifestation, being as if on the sidelines and realizing that you are not this emotion. Observe and feel very carefully what sensations arise in the body during these feelings, how they move and what they do. The effect will amaze you!

• Get rid of suspiciousness, emotional stress, envy and fears.

• Respect cows as a manifestation of a universal maternal archetype (the logic here is this: each cow is a mother, and since we drink her milk, to some extent she is a mother for us too).

  1. Moon Day - Monday, the best day to start traveling, by the way. And those who want to strengthen the energy of the moon in themselves should devote this day to spiritual practices, preferably those that the moon likes, namely:

• Feed poor women and children, or do something for them.

• Do something for your mother or for other women.

• Feed the cows.

• In the morning read the mantra of the moon

• Dress in milky-white clothing.

  1. Products that enhance the moon:

• Milk, warmed with cardamom and fennel (if restless sleep, it is useful to add grated nutmeg) and sweetened with honey, it is advisable to drink the night after 18:00.

• Any other dairy products.

• Olive oil.

• Almost all juicy and soft fruits or vegetables.

• Rice and other aquatic plants, especially flowering at night.

• Melon (it is better not to mix with anything, as this is a good cleanser for the digestive tract).

• Coconut (for coconut milk - the same recommendation as for melon).

• Almonds.

• Stewed vegetables (the only dish that does not get better if you eat it at night), and in general all stewed and steamed products.

• Tea from such herbs: chamomile, peppermint (it is not allowed for men in large quantities, otherwise it reduces potency), any other soothing and relaxing herbs.

• Cucumbers.

• Corn.

 • Mac.

• Ordinary water (it is also called a drink of the sages, and cold water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach also cleanses the body of toxins, and in the most natural and easy way).

  1. Actions to strengthen the moon:

• Go to bed on time (from 23:00 to 2:00 a person must sleep, otherwise he exposes himself to danger of emotional tension and exhaustion, as well as mental disorders).

• Be clean in everything.

  1. Yantra and mantra. The yantra of the Moon, like all other planets, can be purchased at the appropriate store, and the mantra is: Om Somaya Namaha. But, since the moon controls satisfaction and relationships with others, it will be much effective in wishing everyone happiness in the morning. Just sit in a comfortable position, relax and, closing your eyes, mentally repeat: “I wish everyone happiness!” And then you will feel how the wish of happiness is flowing from the heart to everyone you have ever contacted. And this is such a happiness! Impossible to transmit. Try it and you, it's just amazing.

  2. The stones of the moon.

• Pearls.

• Moon rock.

Note: although the stones of the Moon are the safest and most useful among all others, it is still highly recommended that you obtain recommendations for precious stones from an astrologer before buying a stone. In addition to the fact that an improperly selected stone can destroy certain areas of a person’s life, there are still a huge number of rules on how to properly clean, put on and wear stones.


By tradition, I will tell you a fairy tale, because it was with the help of fairy tales that the ancients transmitted secret knowledge. So you can not only enjoy, but also easier to understand and remember the nature of certain phenomena, in this case - planets.

So, once upon a time, three gods came to Anasuya - the wife of the sage Atri: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva dressed as simple brahmanas, and in order to test her they demanded to feed them, while being naked. Not at all embarrassed, Anasuya turned the trinity into infants and, undressing, breast-fed them. Satisfied gods blessed a pious woman with three children. Thanks to the blessing of Shiva, she was born the fiery sage Durvasa, gave Vishnu to Dattatreya - the first aghori. Brahma gave Chandra, that is, the moon. And it was like this:

Sage Atri performed penance for three thousand years and was filled with Soma (the energy of the Moon, in some sources “Soma” is another name for the Moon), so much that he himself turned into Soma and ascended into heaven. The goddesses of the ten corners of the world gathered him to put into their common bosom, but could not hold for a long time so that he fell to the earth and took the form of the moon. After which Brahma placed him in a celestial chariot.

Being the most charming and attractive of all the deities, Chandra married twenty-seven constellations at once. However, he did not want to pay attention to all of them, as he was deeply in love with one of them - Rohini. He spent all his time in her house, which the rest could not bear and complained to his father, Daksha. The outraged Daksha demanded that his son-in-law respect all the wives, but Chandra passed this by the ears for the first and second time. So for the third time, Daksha cursed him with consumption.

The moon began to fade, fade and lose its luster. As a result, plants began to wilt. The gods were alarmed by the fact that life on Earth began to languish and turned to Daksha for forgiveness for Chandra. Daksha relented and relieved the moon of the disease for half a month, but on condition that the son-in-law will behave as it should. Since then, Chandra either arrives (recovers) or decreases (gets sick) and stays one day a month in each of his wife’s houses.

In addition, because of the Daksha curse, the moon did not have a single child of twenty-seven wives. However, the other wife of Manohar (which means “Depriving the mind”) bore him four sons, one of whom took part in the battle described in Mahabharata. The legend also says that Chandra fell in love with Jupiter's wife, Tara, and since their feelings were mutual, he stole her. From which not only the space war erupted, which only Brahma was able to stop, but also Mercury was born - the son of Chandra and Tara, known for his amazing intellect. Such universal passions flared up around this charming and friendly heavenly body.

Moon phases

Scientists recognize the phases of the moon as biological rhythms that help organisms adapt to the changing conditions that occur in nature.

Scientists recognize the phases of the moon as biological rhythms that help organisms adapt to the changing conditions that occur in nature. These phases belong to the so-called infraradian rhythm, which lasts more than a day. Scientists at St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University conducted experiments on the influence of the force forming the tides on the stronger sex. Similar studies were carried out for several months. As a result, it was found that their logical thinking changed to intuitive. Men lost a part of rationality and foresight, it was quite difficult for them to communicate with colleagues. Women are more affected by the moon than men. As you know, the duration of the menstrual cycle is about 28 days, that is, it completely repeats the lunar cycle. Scientists do not consider this a mere coincidence, since in nature everything is interconnected. The research cycle proves that being at night with constant artificial light interrupting the light of the moon has an extremely negative effect on health. It is proved that the menstrual cycle can go astray even from the light of a lantern falling through the bedroom window. If there is no such lighting, then the cycle is restored (some noticed this effect when leaving the metropolis to the countryside). A group of scientists believes that earlier, especially in villages, the menstrual cycle corresponded to the phases of the moon: ovulation coincided with the full moon, and menstruation with the new moon (the founder of Darwinism adhered to this point of view). However, this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed.

New moon - influence, impact on the human body New moon is the day when the old moon has already waned, and the new one is about to appear. Usually in this phase it is impossible to see it. It is located in relation to the Earth so that people do not see the surface of the moon illuminated by the Sun. A new moon is comparable to a solar eclipse, only it happens more often and less spectacularly. You can see the young moon only after a certain time after its birth. After a certain time of the new moon, the western part of the sky is lit up with a thin ray of light from the young moon, which marks its birth. Interesting fact! After the birth of the new moon, it should be 18.5 years before the sun and the satellite of the earth are again in the same zodiac sign and degree. This is called the Saros cycle.
The effect of the new moon on the human body The birth of a new moon has an extremely negative effect on the human body. During this period, under the influence of a satellite in humans: Increases irritability to the outside world; Heart ailments worsen; Attacks of aggression are possible; Inexplicable apathy arises for deeds; Any business that began during this period is awaiting collapse; Immunity decreases. Many scientific trials and experiments have shown that the New Moon period is extremely unfavorable for humans, especially for men. A strong half of humanity is especially hard going through this cycle. Men may not recognize themselves, because they have a strange feeling of indifference to everything that happens. If you ask your spouse or boyfriend at this moment to do some household chores or other things, most likely you will run into denial. It is highly discouraged to do heavy physical work on the New Moon, because it is fraught with injuries, especially when it comes to sports activities. Most heart attacks, conflicts and aggressive bursts were recorded by scientists precisely during the period of the appearance of the new moon. A man can become depressed, the severity of which is determined by the will and strength of the spirit of the strong half of humanity - the strong in the spirit carry easier, and the weak are much worse. Important! Psychologists and astrologers recommend devoting the time to the New Moon to create plans for the future, but not their implementation, due to emotional instability. Emotional background on the New Moon. The human psyche suffers during the appearance of the young moon. Apathy and temper is not the only thing that people can expect at this time. Some, feeling incomprehensible melancholy, can become depressed. On New Moon, a person’s self-esteem is underestimated - she does not want to increase, no matter what you do. You don’t need to worry, because these phenomena are normal, and psychologists recommend: Accept and realize - thanks to this, you can ease your state of mind, maintain self-control and not drive yourself into even greater depression; To understand that this will soon pass - after any recession there is always a rapid rise, and the mood is no exception. It is enough to make these two adjustments in your thinking, as the New Moon period will not seem so painful to you. Cleansing the body Cleansing procedures will help to survive the adverse effects of the moon on the body. At the time of the birth of the new moon, it is recommended: Eat more fruits, especially those that contain more sugar. The new moon is an excellent period to get rid of bad habits and start a healthy lifestyle. It’s better for truckers or people who have planned long journeys to abandon the venture, but in the case when it’s not it is possible to travel with intermittent travel.

The Growing (Young) Moon The period from the New Moon to the Full Moon is called the time of the growing Moon. Time is favorable for humans, because during this period there is an accumulation of energy in the body. You can and even need to devote yourself to planning new things and gradually implementing your plans. The Growing Moon and the Human Body From the moment the New Moon phase is completed, under the influence of the celestial body, the human body begins to store a lot of energy. His emotional background is changing for the better, there is a feeling of lightness and joy. Energy will remain until the beginning of the third lunar phase - the scattering moon. During this period, you need to start an active life, devote yourself to achieving your goals, increase the intensity of work, and more. These are not just recommendations - this is a vital necessity. Otherwise, you risk harming yourself and your loved ones. The accumulated energy is looking for a way out, and do not doubt that it will find it. The lack of physical activity during the growing moon will make you more aggressive, and this aggression will splash out on your family, friends, colleagues or work colleagues. Recommendations of astrologers Astrologers recommend during the growing moon to do the following: Engage in the implementation of close-ups and the implementation of previously assigned tasks, both in work and in other matters. Businessmen can sign contracts, hold various events or agree on cooperation with new partners. Athletes can be added to the load on the body during training, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, because the time to show the result will fall to the third lunar phase. Investors and brokers will more productively and successfully play on exchanges and increase their capital, so you should not miss this chance. Experts in the field of astrology say that at this time it will be best to organize outdoor activities, various public events. Everything will be especially successful for creative people - the growing moon is the time to create masterpieces of art. In such a period, a desire appears in the hearts of people to prove their superiority, to declare themselves as individuals. On this basis, quarrels and conflicts will arise, both in the family and at work. Despite this, the growing moon is the most favorable time for dating, because people during this period evaluate a person less skeptically. In men and women, attraction to each other increases. The growing moon not only affects physical activity, but also makes the emotional background more sensitive and vulnerable, so choose expressions when communicating with your soulmate. These words, even in jest, can be taken seriously, which will greatly upset the interlocutor, and such an offense will not pass soon. Important points Despite the fact that a person begins to accumulate energy in huge quantities, it is important to ensure that not all of it is wasted by the period of the scattering moon. Properly plan its energy consumption, and if there is an opportunity to save, take advantage of this. The period of the growing moon is a great time for the healing and cleansing procedures of your body. You can: Visit gyms and fitness clubs; Take a course of vitamins and minerals; Actively visit spas; Go to baths and saunas; To smear skin with creams and do wellness masks. The period is very suitable for the removal of harmful substances and toxins accumulated in the human body, and astrologers strongly recommend not to miss such a great opportunity to improve your health. Be sure to review your diet and add more fruits and vegetables to it. In combination with the right physical activity, visits to health facilities and the use of healthy creams, you will completely cleanse the body of all harmful substances.

Full moon - influence, impact on a person The full moon is the period of the lunar cycle, in which the luminary reaches its peak of growth, while its effect on all living things intensifies and reaches a maximum level. At this time, plants grow especially fast, all recovery processes increase significantly, metabolism is activated. How does the full moon affect a person? The full moon influences a person even more. During this period, the activity of his brain reaches a peak, not stopping even at night. The full moon is fundamentally different from the New Moon - you are bursting with energy, you are energized, you may want to do the impossible. This condition must be used to achieve your goals. At such moments, it is recommended that you do important and necessary things. It's time to realize something that did not have enough enthusiasm or energy, and everything will turn out perfectly, you may even get the feeling that you caught luck by the tail. However, conflicts can arise because of such a tide, because during the Full Moon, the emotional background is extremely hot. To avoid quarrels with loved ones, try: Until the last, maintain composure; Be patient; Do not succumb to provocations or “injections”; Lead a conversation into a neutral topic, if you feel that a quarrel might break out; The full moon period is the best time for friendly meetings, risky business, and signing any contracts and agreements. Everything will turn out as well as possible, but due to such activity of the nervous system and the whole organism as a whole, a person may begin to have trouble sleeping. However, there are pluses - astrologers offer an option that will smooth out this negative effect of the Earth’s satellite. At such moments, it's time to establish an intimate life between partners. If married life does not stick, the Full Moon is a great chance to fix it. Prophetic Dreams The peak period of the lunar increase affects everyone differently, so sleep problems will not necessarily begin. But it is recorded that in the Full Moon people can have prophetic dreams. They are bright and memorable, and always appear in the morning. Since the person at this time is overly active, the subconscious mind will send unforgettable dreams to protect you from rash actions. It is important not to repel the warnings of one’s consciousness - this can end adversely. It is always worth listening to the voice of reason, even when bursting with desire to roll mountains. Dreams in this period are divided into two categories: Dreams-warnings. A bright and unforgettable dream issued by the subconscious, the main task of which is to protect you from a possible problem or trouble. When you have such a dream, you definitely need to analyze it and compare it with your life, because, most likely, you did something wrong. Consciousness, however, seeks to indicate this in order to protect it from an even greater mistake. Prophetic dreams. Under the influence of the moon, the psyche can show psychic abilities, giving you dreams that are bound to happen. They may be with other people, not those from sleep, but what they will be is for sure. There are not a few cases when a person in a dream saw himself in a certain situation, and then after a couple of days, this happened to him in reality. It is very important to pay attention to dreams during the periods of the Full Moon, because they indicate not only good, but also bad. For example, a dream in which you see yourself in another city or in an unfamiliar place can mark a move. If you scream in a dream, it is quite possible that in reality a quarrel with a soul mate awaits you, or a conversation on elevated tones with the boss / subordinates. Conclusion The influence of the moon on the human body is especially evident at the peak of its increase. At this moment, a huge charge of vivacity and positive is felt, the nervous system is excited to the limit, actively using this energy, you will find success in many matters. But it’s worth thinking about how to rush into troubles in a hurry, it is for this that the subconscious mind can send warnings through dreams. It is required of you to grasp the essence of the dream, recognize its message and make a decision on the basis of this. Hot-tempered people need to be extremely careful, situations in which they can lose their temper, will pursue them at every turn. Therefore, in order not to do stupid things, such people should especially monitor the cycles of the moon and especially the full moon. Possessing such information, you can easily control yourself and extinguish your ardor.

Waning (aging) moon The time from the moment of the Full Moon to the birth of the new Moon is called the waning period or the scattering (aging) moon. The first half of this period is the most favorable time to complete the unfinished business. The second is allotted for analysis and deep understanding of all that was done before. During this period, you need to put up and forgive, finish the previously planned affairs. Influence of the waning moon Before the full moon, the human body actively generated and accumulated energy as the celestial body grew. After growth, there is always a recession, and therefore the first period of the moon's decay is the time that you need to spend on the implementation of the accumulated energy. This time is very favorable for athletes, right now they will begin to show results in their activities. Against the emotional background, no changes are happening yet - a person feels a mass of accumulated energy and is eager to realize it. Changes will occur at the time of the fourth phase, when the period of the balsamic moon begins. Physical activity is replaced by spiritual enlightenment. A person will begin to better understand the essence of things and the structure of the world around him. This unusual altered state of consciousness does not last long, so it is very important to get all the benefit out of it. Analyze your actions for errors; Develop a plan or strategy for correcting them; During this spiritual enlightenment, it will be easier to determine plans for the future, so it is important not to miss the chance; Make peace with loved ones, ask for forgiveness from those who offended. The final of the waning moon, when it is about to be reborn, it is better to spend on hanging out with the family. At the end of the period of this lunar cycle, a person can spoil his own mood and drive himself into deep depression with unconstructive self-criticism. Refrain, at this moment look through your mistakes, but refrain from evaluating them, in 9/10 cases it will be incorrect. Beauty and Health The waning moon period has various operations that require surgical intervention. However, only the first half of it, but during the fourth phase it is better to refrain from this, because the risk of failure is too great. Astrologers recommend: Visit hairdressers and beauty salons; During a waning moon, visit a dentist or surgeon if you need their help; Follow a diet, because losing weight is best during this period. Everything bad or harmful to the body will be painlessly removed precisely to the waning moon. You can devote yourself to diets and philosophical conversations with family or friends. Since the mood is gradually declining, such conversations will help to distract from problems, and diets will support the body in good shape. Business and work Businessmen should refrain from signing new contracts, searching for partners, and more. If you are going to launch any innovative development in your business, put it on the growing moon. Stock brokers and investors need to do more analytics and bidding, because there is a very big chance of bad investments. If you intend to invest, invest in proven projects with a low level of risk. World statistics show that most of the layoffs occur precisely during the waning moon. People evaluate their work and often come to the conclusion, this is not what they wanted and go in search of another occupation. This happens to those who have reached a certain level of work and, having not seen the ways for their development, simply lose their distance. Be careful and do not make hasty conclusions and the same decisions.

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