Technical support

1. Password recovery

2. Publish news, videos, photos, events on your page:

  • In section My page on the wall of your page at the top choose Add - for example news.
  • materials will be published only on your page and will not be available in the general sections: News, Video, Photo, Events.

3. Publication of news, video, photo, event in the Community:

  • on your account page on the wall at the top select Add - for example news and it will automatically join this community. It is important to know that only the published material in the Communities
  • will be displayed in the general sections on the social networking home page: News, Video, Photo, Events.
4. Establishment of the Community Internet store :
  • select in my menu below - Add community
  • Fill in completely the Community fields and create an online store
  • for the promotion to periodically publish the material on the Community page which will be displayed in the general sections News, Video, Photo, Events.

5. Create a free ad unit on your page:

  • select in my menu - Advertising Management
  • Click add ad unit
  • fill in the fields and upload photos of the advertised site or page
  • after saving, the Ad unit will appear at the top right of the user page

6. Order charitable advertising or support the development of the project

7. Restoring an account or community: Inform the Moderator or