Tenth House of Horoscope


This is the house of karma (karma-bhava), therefore, all sorts of actions and actions are associated with it. This house is the main indicator of our influence on the world. He is associated with a career and professional vocation. By itself, the tenth house does not predetermine a career, since a person’s professional life is also associated with the state of the first house and other factors of the card, but it allows you to establish what kind of success a person will achieve in the professional field.
Topics of the tenth house include craftsmanship and qualifications, achievements, honors, recognition and prestige. It determines the social position that we can achieve, and the power associated with this position. In general, the tenth house is an important indicator of political, social and worldly power. It indicates what trace a person will leave in the world after himself and what karma he brings to the world, good or bad. Pilgrimages and religious charity are also associated with the tenth house, as acts that create good karma.
Since the tenth house is the highest part of the sky visible to an observer in a given area, the planets in it are strong and help us ascend to the heights in life. It shows the highest achievements of man.
The Tenth House grants the favor of the authorities, superiors and recognized authorities. It helps us achieve attention and recognition, stand out from the crowd. Therefore, under the influence of the tenth house, a person can wallow in worldly or political interests. Whatever we do in the realm of this house will certainly be noticed. And here there is the likelihood that a person will concentrate all his attention on achieving practical goals and superiority over other people.
It is generally accepted that the ninth represents the pinnacle of the manifestations of dharma, the eleventh represents kama, and the tenth represents artha. Therefore, the tenth house often indicates a profession chosen by a person as an expression of vocation, while all professions - not occupations - are nothing more than ways to make money. Fame, glory or high status, indicated by the tenth house in the horoscope, people usually gain through a professional career or because of the possession of power. The tenth house, the strongest of the houses of Kendra, and by its nature it is the house of action, deed. Due to some planetary combinations, it can cause a person to abandon a career, and often from any action whatsoever, for religious reasons.
Among the rare meanings of the tenth house, we see such significance as debt arising in those cases when you find yourself without work or are unsuccessful in your professional life due to a stricken tenth house. Values ​​such as mother and farmstead are the attributes of the tenth house, arising as a reflection of the fourth house.
The tenth house designates foster children as the sixth house from the fifth, since the sixth house indicates family members who are not related to you by blood relationship. Rain and drought are also the themes of the tenth house, which in general can denote the sky, and it is farthest from the others from the house, especially closely connected with water, that is, the fourth. Its remoteness from the fourth house also gives such significance as living far from the homeland, abroad. The part of the body represented by the tenth house, the knees and legs in general, helps to understand why the tenth house determines gait.

The main values ​​of the Tenth House include: Power, business, commerce, fame, fame, government, profession; part of the body is the knees. Topics such as government awards and honors, great intentions, high achievements, leadership, high social status, prestige, royalty, falling from a high post or position, self-restraint and asceticism, science, trade, rain, sky, spine, are also common. vehicles.

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