Self confidence


In life, humanity seeks to gain self-confidence in order to achieve its goals. From childhood, the system does everything so that confidence in us from school does not matter, because society needs humble people for ease of management.

Further growing up, a certain part of humanity, which has great potential gained by past lives, makes great efforts to create a confident and successful leader. These people read books about such successful self-confident leaders, take training courses and surround their lives with people like them. They lead their whole life to success in politics, science, art, religion, sports and business. If we take as an example many great leaders in the history of mankind, then we can trace the chain of success, which sooner or later breaks off - as if a wave is breaking on the rock of truth.

Belief in yourself is the foundation of all teachings. But the first thing that needs to be emphasized in this phrase is the meaning of the phrase "in itself." All of the above form of confidence built on a false ego will inevitably lead to destruction. The constant desire for the games of illusions of this world and the endless stream of desires lead the self-confident person into the eternal cycle of events, being in the slavery of the mind and false ego.

And only when we begin to pose the question correctly: “who am I”, then with time, on the basis of spiritual teachings and long-term spiritual practices, it is possible to come to the truth - to God. And then self-confidence will begin to be perceived primarily as faith in God without a false ego, ignorance and passion. Then I fade into the background. Faith in God reunites faith in oneself as a whole. Self-confidence is confidence in God!