Define the truth by yourself


You can talk about high and bright for a long time, over millennia, but the result of the above is a simple truth - reality. This is what you have and what you have achieved at the moment. Any content reflects the form. What is inside is outside. Tree - having a strong and healthy root, it grows and develops correctly, giving tasty and ripe fruits, which in essence are a form that reflects the content - the root and trunk.
It is necessary to pay special attention to what results a particular teaching or master has achieved. It is only in the image and likeness that it is possible to benefit society by reaching and applying certain life truths in one’s own life. Everything else that comes out that is not confirmed by one’s own experience and positive results is a lie when someone is twisting his soul in order to show his power with his own ignorance. What comes from love is sincere truth, even if it’s small but true, based on our own experience. What comes from fear is a lie, even if it’s big and beautiful, but alien. Therefore, be vigilant and learn on the scales to measure the harmony of form and content.

Before you follow any conscious path or truth, for a start, accept through your soul a stream of this information. Because the energy of love is the first and important tool for accepting the truth. If you feel good in your soul and the images of information pop up like living pictures, then the essence is the truth.

But that is not all, then move this whole spiritual image to the spiritual center of your consciousness. Try to comprehend and detail this image on the basis of your understanding of the world order. How harmoniously it overlaps with your vision and understanding of the general model of the universe.

And if, nevertheless, according to your spiritual and spiritual center, everything has developed favorably for you, then move this single image to the lower physical center. Namely, begin to put into practice this true experience. Ideally, everything should be implemented proportionately and ultimately successfully. Checking this truth consciously is very important, because not every experience experience can be useful to you in accordance with your karma and individual life experience in all your incarnations.