Moon influence

The moon - in Vedic astrology - is the mind, mother, emotionality.
The position of the moon in the birth chart indicates how emotionally stable the person is, sensitive and vulnerable. The moon is responsible for all the processes associated with conceiving, bearing and giving birth to children. Therefore, the position of the moon is very important for the female horoscope.

A strong moon gives love for home and children, a good memory, musical inclinations. People with a good and strong moon are friendly, open, able to love and care for others. In general, they are satisfied with their life, emotionally stable.

A weakened or stricken moon leads to abuse of pleasures, inconstancy, optionality. A weak moon is a tendency to depression, emotional instability, fears. Such people are constantly worried and worried about something. It is difficult for them to build harmonious relationships with other people.

A strong but negative moon gives a restless mind, strong uncontrollable emotions. Such people are very dependent on the opinions of others, prone to tantrums.
The beneficial effect of the moon also depends on its phases, the week before and after the full moon - the moon shows its best qualities, and the week before and after the moonless - the moon has a more negative effect.
'Lunar people' usually have a pale, round-shaped face, expressive eyes and short stature.

In the body, the moon controls the brain, the chest.

Diseases caused by the adverse effects of the moon:
• Diseases of the female genital organs
• Infertility.
• General weakness, lack of strength.
• Asthma.
• Pulmonary diseases.
• Frequent SARS.

Upay for the moon:
• The main remedy for a weakened moon is to genuinely care for your mother. It is also very important for women to respect the husband's mother (mother-in-law)! Nothing destroys lunar energy as disrespectful to the mother.
• Fasting on Mondays.
• Feeding the poor and the afflicted on Mondays.
• To enhance lunar energy, you should take care of other people and help them.
• Daily exercise complex Chandra Namaskar.
• Navagraha Yagya with special attention to the moon

Moon Day - Monday
Metal - Silver
Gem - natural sea pearl.
The color is white, various light shades are also good, dark and murky tones should be avoided.
The moon is friendly to the sun and mercury.
Neutral to Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
None of the planets does not consider his enemy. But Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu see the moon as their enemy.