Abhinavagupta - Anuttarashtika

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There is no need for spiritual development, nor contemplation, nor disputes or reasoning, nor meditation, nor concentration, and even there is no need for intensified prayer.
Please answer me clearly: What is the highest Truth?
Listen: Do not reject anything, and do not strive for possession of something, abide in the joy of absolute Reality and be what you are!

In reality, there is no world of relocation, since anyone can talk about 'human addiction'?
For one who is already free, it is useless to try to free oneself, because he has never been addicted.

All this is just an illusion, which is similar to the shadow of a ghost, or a snake, which was mistakenly seen in a rope.
So do not reject anything, and do not seek to possess something.
Enjoy yourself freely, being in your self, just as you are!

What words can describe the unsurpassed? In the Absolute, there may be any differences between worship, those who worship and the object of worship. How and in whom can spiritual development take place? What are the degrees of absorption?
The illusion in itself is ultimately the same as the nondual Consciousness, everything, being the pure nature of the Self, experiences itself - so do not worry in vain!

This bliss is incomparable with what is experienced through wealth, or guilt, or even union with a lover.
The manifestation of this Light cannot be compared neither with the light of a lamp, nor with the sun or moon.
The joy that someone experiences when he is free from the severity of the accumulated differences can only be compared with the relief that someone experiences when he sits on the ground with a heavy load.

The manifestation of this Light is like finding a lost treasure, a state of universal non-duality.

All states of mind, such as love and hate, pleasure and suffering, appearance and disappearance, seem separate to you.
However, they are part of the universal body, their nature is inseparable. Whenever you observe one of any such manifestations, at the same moment realize their unity: contemplate in them the form of pure Consciousness.
Filled with this contemplation, will you not experience joy?

The nonexistent is suddenly brought into existence; this is how all states of being in this world occur.
How, being mixed due to the distortion of an intermediate state, can they master some kind of reality?
How to find reality in the unreal, changeable, in the diversity of worldly things, in the confusion of dreams or in deceptive beauty? Go beyond the pollution that causes doubt and fear and wake up!

It is not Natural Being that brings to life these various states. They appear created by you. Despite the unreal, they become real thanks to the instantaneous confusion of perception.
The magnificence of this universe is generated by your will.
She has no other origin. Therefore, your splendor shines in all worlds.
Despite uniqueness, you have many forms.

Both real and unreal, simple and complex, eternal and transient, which, due to illusion, is unclean and at the same time with the purity of the I - everything shines in the mirror of Consciousness.
All this is perceived as having the nature of pure light, as consciousness arising within self-awareness.
Realizing your magnificence rooted in your own experience, become a participant in the universal power of the God!