Hamsa Upanishad - Eternal Shiva

When the Swan of Mindfulness

                                     absorbed in Sound,

then the fourth state


The unspoken mantra (ajapa-gayatri)

                         leads to a lack of thoughts.

So everything is Paramahamsa

                         subject to,

since the swan

                         makes the mind expand.

By repeating the mantra a million times

                         this Sound comes true.

So everything is subject to Paramhamsa,

                         and Sound of ten kinds appears:

the first is ting,

              the second is ting-ting,

the third is the sound of a bell,

                         fourth - shells,

fifth -

              the sound of a stringed instrument

sixth - cotton

              seventh - flutes,

                         eighth - mrdanga,

the ninth - a big battle drum,

                                     the tenth is the sound of thunder.

Rejecting the first nine,

                         let the tenth study.

At the first - ting-ting -

                                     the torso sounds,

at the second -

              the torso interferes

at the third -

                         tiredness goes away

at the fourth -

              my head is trembling,

with the fifth -

              nectar oozes from the palate,

at the sixth -

                         enjoy amrita,

at the seventh -

                         the knowledge of the secret appears,

at the eighth -

                         sublime speech,

with the ninth - an invisible body,

                                     pure divine eyes.

At the tenth -

              the Highest Good will appear,

                         Atman will merge with Brahman.

In that state

                         the mind dissolves into the mind,

aspiration-hesitation is burned,


is the Eternal Shiva,

              Omnipresent by Force

                                     and by the Atman Himself,

self-luminous, pure,

                         always calm, calm.