Agnisara Kriya - Enhancing Digestive Fire


"Press the navel knot tightly to the spine, pulling in the stomach a hundred times. This is the agnisara-dhauti, which brings the yogi success in yoga, eliminates stomach ailments and intensifies the fire of digestion. This dhauti must be kept secret, it is difficult to achieve even for the gods. But by fulfilling it undoubtedly a luminous divine body is attained. " "Gheranda Samhita" (1.20 - 21)

Option 1 (simple form)
Sit in a position with the buttocks on the heels (vajrasana). The palms are on the knees, the arms are straightened, the body is slightly tilted forward. Open your mouth and inhale and exhale quickly, alternately pulling in and out of your belly. Breathe in synchronization, moving the abdominal wall back and forth.
Inhale and exhale 25 times.
Option 2 (more complex form)
Take the same posture as in option 1. Alternatively, you can do the kriya while standing with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and resting your hands on your knees, keeping your spine straight. Exhale fully. Perform jalandhara bandha and moola bandha.
Push forward and pull back the abdominal wall, pressing it as tightly as possible against the spine. Try to hold your breath longer after exhaling.

Let go of jalandhara bandha, then moola bandha and inhale fully.
Perform this exercise four series of 25-30 or more times, gradually bringing their number to one hundred. After inhaling, add several inhalation and exhalation to return to normal breathing.
Note: Agnisara Kriya can only be practiced early in the morning on an empty stomach. You cannot practice a more complex form if you have not mastered the simple one.
Restriction: Those suffering from heart disease, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers should not practice agnisara-dhauti. This also applies to those who have undergone abdominal surgery in the past year.