Владимир Петрушев

Date of birth:
Phone, e-mail, www:
Country, region (city):
Odessa region (Odessa)
Семейный статус:
сегодня наше время действовать
Books that changed my life:
В.Мэгрэ из серии "Звенящие кедры России"
The main purpose of registration (search for like-minded people, work, dating, expanding horizons, self-development, or both?):
поиск единомышленников
What skills and abilities you want to learn (to build natural homes, grow plants without chemicals, creating natural water cours:
строить натуральные дома, выращивать растения без химии, создавать природные водоёмы,
What people need to do to improve the ecological situation in the world?:
Создавать Родовые поместья
What exactly do you need to be happy? (Health, many friends, a loved one, family, wealth, spiritual development, home or both?):
What kind of gifts do you like (practical for home, for hobbies that help you work, surprises, delicious or another?):
практичные по дому
Where do you want to live and why (in a country house, the family estate in the apartment, in the village or more?):
в родовом поместье