Борис Стойчев

Date of birth: 
20 July
Zodiac sign: 
♋ Cancer
Family status: 
Bad habits: 
Negative attitude
Type of food: 
ЛАНДШАФТНЫЙ ДИЗАЙН sochi-landshaft.ru
A little about yourself: 
Люблю природу
Inspiring me music: 
Favorite movies: 
Books that changed my life: 
Много очень...
The main purpose of registration: 
Знакомства, саморазвитие
What qualities of character you like in people?: 
Экологичный образ жизни
On what topics you like to talk?: 
Природа, земледелие
What do you uplifting?: 
Прогулка в лесу
What would you like to change in the world?: 
Садить много деревьев
How do you like to relax: 
В саду
What skills and abilities you want to learn: 
Создавать экосистемы
What you need to do to improve the environment in the world ?: 
Посадить каждому по 10 деревьев и убрать мусор
What exactly do you need to be happy?: 
What kind of gifts do you like: 
Your attitude to children?: 
Они наши ростки жизни
Do you like growing plants and what?: 
Деревья плодовые и вечнозелёные
What's your favorite time of the year and why?: 
Весна - цветение!