Мария Бойко

Date of birth:
Country, region (city):
Krasnodarskiy kray (Krasnodar)
Семейный статус:
I want to find:
Looking for:
friendship, find a second half, create family
Spiritual views :
Bad habits:
Negative attitude
Type of food:
Vegan, Vegetarianism
Inspiring me music:
Органная музыка
Books that changed my life:
Трансерфинг реальности Зеланда
The main purpose of registration (search for like-minded people, work, dating, expanding horizons, self-development, or both?):
Поиск единомышленников, найти мужчину для отношений, разделяющего мои взгляды на жизнь и питание
What qualities of character you like in people?:
Честность, открытость, доброта
What do you uplifting? (Meeting with friends, work, walk, great food, movie, book, or other assistance to a person?):
Музыка, танцы, отличная еда, прогулки на природе, помощь людям
How do you like to relax (travel, home, reading, with friends, on your site or another?):
По - домашнему
What exactly do you need to be happy? (Health, many friends, a loved one, family, wealth, spiritual development, home or both?):
Свой дом и любимый человек в нём
What kind of gifts do you like (practical for home, for hobbies that help you work, surprises, delicious or another?):
Полезные и практичные
Your attitude to children?:
Люблю детей
Where do you want to live and why (in a country house, the family estate in the apartment, in the village or more?):
В доме на берегу моря
The house of your dreams, and why such a (wooden house, adobe, brick, stone, brick or other?):
Деревянный сруб
What does it mean for you family?:
Любовь и принятие друг друга
What's your favorite time of the year and why?:
Весна и лето, люблю тепло