The illusion of spirituality

I am saddened by the situation that is happening now (and in fact for thousands of years) on the planet. People have fallen into the illusion of spirituality, they think that they are developing, but in fact they are sinking deeper and deeper in the swamps of the System ...

There are thousands of different teachings on our planet that in one way or another claim to be called “spiritual”. They have formed whole philosophical concepts and stereotypes about how a spiritual person should look ... and their adherents try to bring themselves to this stereotypical image, trying to seem spiritual, and not really be them.

What I mean? And why do I say this?

I realized this when thousands of people passed through me - people with, as they told me, vast experience in spiritual practices, but for some reason they came to me with quite everyday problems. That is, that an ordinary person, that a spiritual practitioner had 1 in 1 problems, but with clients not associated with esoteric currents, it was sometimes even easier for me to work, because they were ready to admit their imperfections. But the “spiritually developing” characters completely denied any of their destructive algorithms and base parts: for example, I told one patient that her cancer was growing and progressing because of offenses that she could not forgive and let go, in response to her my eyes rolled back, and my face broke into a blissful smile, whispering to me: “Well, don't you see, I do practice for unconditional love every day, I love everyone in the world, because they are all part of me ... so I have no offense no and cannot be, "but then after a while and several sessions, when we began to go deeper, the client's chair was sprinkled with tears, as she admitted to herself that she still bears a grudge against her husband for his betrayal and against children for that they left her and do not even remember.

Or another case: a man came to my appointment with a request for enlightenment, he claimed that he was no longer interested in anything earthly, that he was in a state of unhappiness because of life in society, but to save him and give life satisfaction, according to him sincere conviction, only enlightenment could. After scanning his energy system and unconscious, I said that the reason for his unhappiness was that he did not have a family, and that if he had one, he would feel deeply satisfied with the role of husband and father. He began to object that he had been celibate for a long time, that women did not interest him at all, that his Path was spirituality in its purest form. And I had to work with him long enough to acquaint him with his Self and true desires, choked with pseudo-spiritual dogmas.

Why is this happening?

Many teachings and their practices are designed in such a way as to impose a certain pattern of behavior on a person, without taking into account his individual characteristics of the energy system, consciousness and purpose. That is, a person is taught: you must do this, but not do this, you must love everyone, you must always smile and be in goodness, every morning, thank mom and dad, and the sun, and the planet, and God, make peace, make up and more do not fight when you meet someone - send him rays of good.

Plus, they give him various tools that tamp all his negative sides and qualities deeper into the unconscious and illusoryly cast him into a state of goodness and love. And what do we get?

A person walks and smiles, talks with birds and trees, kisses a grass-ant, but the negative inside keeps accumulating and accumulating until it pours out: and either it is latent depressive states and self-destruction directed inward (realized most often through illnesses, either through negative eventfulness, when the whole life collapses), or outside (realized most often through ultra-fanatical adherence to his teachings and aggression towards those who disagree with him in their views).

Don't get me wrong! All of these teachings and concepts have the really right words. Indeed, spirituality should lead a person to the level when he loves and accepts everyone, when he does not fall from the height of his awareness into destructive actions, when he wishes everyone good and happiness, as he does to himself. But a person should have this from the inside, that is, he should be like that to the depths of his Essence, and not wear an external mask and play this role.

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