Planet Signifiers

The sun is the father of the entire solar system.

This is the closest star to us, the distance to the Earth is about 149.637 million km.

The sun is the largest celestial body in the solar system, it is 750 times larger than all the planets of the system combined.

Scientists claim that the Sun is not a solid body, but a gaseous substance that constantly boils and emits tremendous heat.

All planets revolve around the sun, because it gives them life and is the only star in the literal sense of the word.


Standing on a lotus, shone with the brilliance of a red lotus, about two hands and with a lotus in his hand, the creator of the day, a world teacher sitting on a horse with seven heads, with a precious ruby ​​in his head crown, bestowing blessings with the gesture of his hand, the Lord of the Sun sends peace to forever and ever - He is the soul of everything. Lord of the East, he rules the events of Sunday and the constellation Leo.
He is the Source of the Day, the luminary with fiery rays, the Messenger of Bliss for this world. He is called the Luminary, the Almighty, the Life-giving sources, the Creator of light and the One who gives birth to the Day, and Those whose rays are burned through and through.
The Harites, the seven mighty horses of the Sun, are the seven rays of the sun, the seven colors of the spectrum, the seven musical notes, the seven poetic sizes of the Vedas. It is impossible to know time without the Sun, and without time there are no seasons, no poetic sizes, no rhythm of the Universe.


The sun gives a person vitality and energy.

People whose Sun is pronounced in the horoscope have excellent health, high social status, prosperity, and popularity. In addition, they are religious, sincere, generous and humane.

If the sun at birth does not occupy a very favorable position, then the person will be selfish, arrogant, prone to febrile inflammation, as well as diseases of the eyes and heart.

People with a strong Sun in a horoscope have an attractive appearance.

In the body, the Sun rules the back and the heart.

Sun Day - Sunday

Metal - Gold

The gemstone is the ruby. It should be set in gold and worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

Colors are orange, red and gold; dark colors are best avoided.

Friendly Planets - Moon, Mars and Jupiter

Hostile planets - Venus and Saturn

Neutral - Mercury.

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