Graha (planet) in Vedic astrology does not have a physical manifestation (as if it does not exist in the physical world), and there are only mathematical calculations of its sufficiently strong influence on the lives of people on our planet.

Moving in its orbit in the north direction (from south to north), the Moon <<< crosses the ecliptic plane. After 180o of its orbital motion, already southward, the moon again crosses the ecliptic. This point is Dragon Tail or Ketu.

Ketu does not have a permanent location, every year it moves about 19 degrees and 30 minutes. Those. it makes one complete revolution around the earth in about 18 years and 6 months. The movement of this point is retrograde. Ketu is especially harmful to the sun. Among the planets, she is especially cruel, and therefore it is very important to worship her constantly. Accepting sacrifices, Ketu gives devotees supreme wisdom.
Ketu <<< - sovereign of the north-western direction.

In the horoscope, Ketu will act as the owner of the sign in which he is located. Many texts claim that Ketu can act like Mars. Ketu creates obstacles and has a deterrent effect.

Key points of Ketu.

It should be noted that Ketu is more focused on spiritual development. Friendly planets are Mars <<<, Venus and Saturn, neutral ones are Mercury <<< and Jupiter <<<. Hostile - Moon and Sun.

Gem - cat's eye Ketu energy is stimulated by tones of red, orange and yellow.

Ketu is the most difficult planet in astrology, spiritual, holy, on the one hand, and is unfavorable from a medical point of view.

In the family - represents the parents of the mother.

In society, Ketu plays a key role in pointing to a doctor or other worker in the field of an alternative healing system.

Ketu has a restraining effect, creates obstacles and plunges into poverty. Ketu is ominous in nature and weakens the house in which it is located if it is not exalted or combined with any favorable planet.

Signs of a weak or affected Ketu

Typical signs of a weak Ketu are undeveloped intuition, lack of insight, inability to clearly distinguish between truth and illegibility, self-doubt, self-doubt and inability to concentrate, clouded or distorted perception of reality, shortsightedness. Self-destructive tendencies are possible. There is a risk of violence or serious bodily harm. The weakness of Ketu is manifested here as well as the weakness of Mars, but with a touch of collective influence: a person can be wounded in war or suffer during the riots. Perhaps a feeling of tightness and lack of freedom. A person can join the fight for some obviously losing business or for outdated values.

At the physical level, digestive and circulatory disorders, ulcers, anemia, and chronic bleeding are characteristic. Muscular or nervous disorders, as well as intractable or mysterious diseases (multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.) are possible.

Astrological indications

Ketu is weakened in problem houses (especially in the eighth), with aspects from pests (Saturn <<< or Mars), as well as if the planet - Ketu's dispositor turned out to be weak.

In cases where Ketu is strong (that is, it is influenced by a beneficent planet located in its abode or in exaltation, or located in the twelfth house and has no pest aspects), Ketu's gems stimulate its highest qualities - the ability to assimilate knowledge, to spiritual insights and concentration.

Ketu stones

The Ketu gem is the cat's eye (a type of chrysoberyl). It must be at least two carats in size. It is advisable to frame it in gold. It should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. All varieties of cat eyes can be used.

The first time you put on a stone should be put on in a suitable muhurt.

Ketu stones should not be worn by people suffering from bleeding, infectious diseases, ulcers, fevers, or eye pain (elevated levels of pitta). Also, Ketu stone should not be worn unless recommended by Jiyotish, an astrologer.


A person with a weak Ketu must learn to trust his thoughts and feelings. In this he can help spiritual and occult studies, as well as targeted research in any field, developing control over intuition and insight. Astrology classes are often beneficial. However, it is best to follow some traditional teaching or act under the guidance of a mentor. At the very least, you need to make your life more disciplined, develop your willpower and determination along with freedom of spirit and the ability to sympathize with people.

Dasha Ketu

If Ketu is strong, beneficent and well located, then during his dasha and antardash one can expect to receive wealth, gain through dishonest actions, as well as well-being and general prosperity. It is said that death during dasha Ketu gives Moksha (liberation). Receive the manifestation of an amazing power of concentration, sharpness of perception, an increase in mental and spiritual forces (for example, support in yoga). Inner strength, receptivity.

If Ketu is weak, disadvantaged and ill-disposed, then one can expect the loss of wealth, loss of health, disfavor (shame), imprisonment, communication with people of low origin, danger from thieves (or born himself becomes a thief), diseases such as leprosy or others of a chronic or incurable nature. Ketu is beneficial in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses. He is unfavorable in the rest of the houses. Ketu, being a shadow planet, manifests its functional qualities mainly depending on its connection with other planets and on the aspects that it receives.

The result of doubt, anxiety, self-will, an overly critical narrow view of the world, leading to conflict and disagreement. Desire to be isolated from society, alienation. Self-doubt, low self-esteem. Perhaps the acquisition of bad habits.

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