The glass sink in the bathroom is stylish and modern.

A sink is no less an important piece of bathroom interior than furniture, faucets or other plumbing equipment, therefore it requires an attentive and careful approach to its selection.
An unsuccessfully selected sink can not only introduce disharmony into the appearance of the room, but also turn out to be inconvenient to use and care for it or unstable to mechanical damage. Therefore, when choosing a sink, a number of factors determining the purchase should be taken into account.
So, you should pay attention to how the mixer is attached – on the wall or sink. In the first case, the sink should only have a hole for installing a siphon. And in the second case, there should additionally be special holes designed to attach the mixer and to protect against water overflow.
Even if such plumbing made of glass seems impractical, in fact, it is not. Glass sinks are not only elegant products, but also very durable and comfortable. The ability to produce sinks and countertops from glass doors appeared when glass with improved properties was invented. This is not an ordinary glass that breaks easily, which puts us in danger.
The glass used for the production of shells, in particular, is produced using a special technology – quenching, with the help of which the material acquires high strength. Such glass has great mechanical stability, surpassing glass for high-rise offices and storefronts in its performance. He is not afraid of temperature changes that occur when switching cold and hot water, nor accidental blows or pressure - to break a glass sink, you have to try very hard.
In addition, you can be calm about the appearance of such a sink when using chemically aggressive means for cleaning it – it can withstand with dignity both various cleaning agents and perfumes, dyes that can be used in the bathroom are not subject to corrosion.
In terms of resistance to harmful influences from the external environment, glass sinks have the highest indicators. All edges, places of connection of sewerage and water supply are properly sanded, so they do not pose any danger. In addition, glass is lighter than san.faience or cast iron, which facilitates the installation task.
Another advantage of glass sinks is their versatility for any interior. Transparent glass fits perfectly into any bathroom design project, creating a feeling of elegant lightness.
Many of us are somewhat wary of glass plumbing, but doubts are dispelled when you see how elegant it looks in the interior. Transparent and tinted, with or without a pattern, intricate or simple, such shells are more like elegant vases.
Glass sinks are distinguished by a variety of shapes and colors. Glass is generally an excellent material for design experiments. Sinks made of polished glass with a matte or decorated with decorative notches look great in the design. Such sinks are similar to crystal dishes, and will look very impressive not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. You can choose an original made shell in the form of a flower or an ordinary one with rounded edges and smooth walls – it all depends on the style you choose. The latter in combination with chrome faucets will look great in the hi-tech interior.
Glass sinks are perfectly combined with furniture with glass elements. This bathroom decoration looks very modern and stylish.

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