Energy purification of a woman. Interaction with 5 elements

Once a month, it is desirable for a woman to purify herself with the help of earth, air, fire, water and Love... Intuitively choose a day. Purification is carried out in nature.

First, stand on the Ground barefoot, imagining how the Earth takes away everything superfluous, negative, everything that prevents you from being full and happy, all the pain of the soul, all the insults inflicted... and then it fills the Planet with power.

Then the Wind. You let your hair down and imagine how the Wind blows out of your head and hair negative superfluous thoughts, your bad opinion about yourself, about life... and then it fills with freshness and strength of the Sky.

After that, go into the lake, river or sea and ask him to take away all the ailments in the body, all the imperfections, and fill it with beauty, feminine strength and health.

And then you give yourself to the Sun, imagining how it burns fears and resentments in you, and then fills you with light and joy. You can also sit by the campfire or candles.

And the final stage. Put your right hand on your heart... and mentally combine all 5 elements in your heart, imagining it as a glowing ball. Then you expand it to the size of the Universe, at the same time you are filled and filled with the energy of Love. And you smile inside yourself...

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