Why is it important for women to do needlework

Today, there is a surge of various women's needlework all over the world, despite the fact that everything can be bought in the store. And this is not accidental at all. Women, apparently, subconsciously feel that they are very carried away by male activity, the development of external space.

Various activities can change the level of hormones in the blood. With active, "male" activity, there is an excessive release of androgens (male sex hormones). If a woman is engaged in heavy physical labor, her figure changes, becomes rough, heavy. Even when she just leads, the lightness in the body is lost, the softness in the voice disappears, the movements become fast and sharp.

And when a woman knits, sews, embroiders, creates, she enters into harmony with her feminine nature, and as a result, the work of the female hormonal system improves. Activation of fine motor skills evens out the hormonal background in the body.

Any needlework is a useful activity for the female psyche. It is the performance of the same monotonous movements that helps to calm down, relax. Monotonous and monotonous movements cause changes in the psyche. The heart rate changes, the tension in the muscles and nervous system goes away. There comes a natural state of meditation, abstraction from problems. Needlework is better than anything helps to cope with anxiety and internal tension and get out of a state of stress.

Needlework helps a woman to stop. Just be and just live. Without analysis, without active actions. Doing needlework, we tell our body that everything is fine, there is enough time, there is no need to run anywhere, there is also no one to save. Everything is fine and everything is calm.
Needlework helps us to feel grounded. Feel yourself here and now. Here is our house, here are our hands, and they create something beautiful.

Needlework is a very peaceful business: without struggle, without battles, without analysis. And it creates such an important stable and stable worldview for every woman. We begin to perceive life as it is. We learn to love what is. We are beginning to understand that happiness is not high–profile events and fireworks at all. And more often, peace and quiet in the soul.

Needlework activates the right hemisphere of the brain, creative, non-standard thinking and develops artistic taste. You learn to combine colors, textures and materials. This is very important, especially if you haven't found your favorite thing yet. Start doing needlework, and who knows where this road will take you.

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