Can a man hug a woman in the presence of her husband to show her his respect?

— Mais, can a man hug a woman in the presence of her husband to show her his respect?
— I don't quite understand this question. Why would he hug a woman in the presence of her husband, or without him. Your respect, or some kind of feeling, can be uttered in words in front of everyone and in front of your husband.
A woman should be touchy for everyone except her husband, so it was in our time. Only she could consent to a man touching her. And it doesn't matter if she is very young or aged.
I understand why you're asking such a question. There is permissiveness in your time. People don't belong to each other for life. Such permissiveness generates distrust between husband and wife – divorce. The husband goes to another woman, or the wife goes to another man. And worse, when a woman exposes her "gut" to any man, as a service, for the lust of men for money – prostitution. By doing this, a woman creates irreparable harm to her body – this cannot be done.
That's how permissiveness makes a woman a "rag" on which men wipe their feet.
As you can see, I am against permissiveness in the communication of women and men.

— Yes, but the "touchy" may never get married. Will this lead to loneliness?
— There are many sensual qualities in a woman that a man is drawn to. Often a man is attracted not by the external beauty of a woman, but by the internal. And permissiveness can only prevent her from starting a family.

— And how do you feel about the fact that men often, to express their respect for a woman, kiss her on the cheek when meeting and saying goodbye?
— This is again a trend of your time. A man does not express a sense of gratitude to a woman when he kisses her on the cheek. It is either generally accepted where it is located. Or just a woman allows it. A son can kiss his mother on the cheek, emphasizing his love and respect, or other women at the mother's age. But not to kiss all the women in a row, as if to show that he is so loving.

— But when meeting and saying goodbye to close friends, do women and men hug each other? After all, they are not husband and wife. Is this acceptable, or not?
— Don't confuse one with the other. At the same time, greetings are exchanged at the level of your Souls.

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