Vertical onion distillation

Like any gardener, I began to think about how to get the maximum yield from the minimum area.

The task of collecting from 1 sq.m to 8 kg of onion feathers seemed unattainable at first glance, but I came up with something. I decided to make a vertical bed. To do this, I needed: a plastic mesh (4 sq.m.), 5 bars of 25 × 50 mm, wood screws, a floorboard, sawdust (at least 6 bags of sugar).


Assembled a pyramid-shaped frame (the slope gives the structure stability): the base is 100×30 cm, the top is 100×10 cm.

I closed one of the sides tightly with a film and filled the frame with sawdust, tamping and spilling them with water for better shrinkage (after I closed the other side). Such a substrate is cheap, retains moisture well, there are no pathogens of onion diseases and onion flies in it, and after extracting vegetables, sawdust can be composted.


The finished vertical bed was installed in a film heated greenhouse (it was in March-April). The bulbs were planted parallel to the ground. With this placement, the feather bends more strongly at the exit of the bulb, which is not terrible if you grow greens for yourself. If for sale, then to reduce the bending, place the bulbs with a slight slope (from 30 to 45 degrees) — this will significantly improve the quality of the pen.


If you have experience with drip irrigation, you can upgrade my vertical garden bed by placing a drip irrigation tape in the sawdust thickness, and thereby maintain the necessary humidity without eroding the substrate. Or water in the usual way. I took warm water — the roots absorb it more intensively. Fed in the same way as onions in ordinary beds. As a result, the task was successfully completed! Depending on the timing of planting and growing conditions, the distillation of greenery takes 1.4-1.8 months.

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