Prophecy of Russia. Mahavatar Babaji from Haidakhan (Heirakhan)

Sri Khaidakhan Vale Baba (Babaji) is a great spiritual teacher who lived from 1970 to 1984 in India, at the foot of the Himalayas, in Kumaon, the birthplace and residence of many great Indian saint

Sri Khaidakhan Vale Baba (Babaji) is a great spiritual teacher who lived from 1970 to 1984 in India, at the foot of the Himalayas, in Kumaon, the birthplace and residence of many great Indian saints. Sometimes, when asked, he replied that he was Shiva Mahavatar Babaji, known to hundreds of thousands of people in the book Paramahansa Yoganada "Autobiography of the Yogi." Appearing in a cave near the village of Heyrakkhan in the body of a young man, he spent all 14 years of his stay on earth, devoting them to serving people in the ashram.
Babaji came to the world to revive humanity in people, to cleanse hearts and minds of ignorance and evil. He teaches that in our life we always adhere to the principles of truth, simplicity and love. This is the essence of all religions, these are the basic principles of the Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Universal Law).
Statements by Babaji were recorded by his students. We give some of these statements on the book “Teaching of Babaji. Truth, simplicity, love, service to humanity. ” The book was translated from English in 2004 in the ashram "Omkar Shiva Dham", located in the village of Okunevo in the Omsk region.
Avatar of Lord Shiva (1970 - 1984)
Babaji warns us again to be on guard. The Great Revolution is approaching. [1] It will be a revolution, which neither earth nor sky has yet seen. She will be stunning and terrible. The destruction will be such that people will die for their own affairs: who worked - at work, who slept - in a dream, who stood - standing. Buildings will remain, but people will die from gas, they are at risk. Babaji reminds us to be ready.
Babaji predicts that the situation in the world will become ever more complicated and lead to wars, catastrophes and enormous destruction. He constantly warns that Maha Kranti (The Great Revolution) will come soon. "It must happen because everyone thinks from the perspective of" I "and" mine, "everyone wants to be big, and nobody wants to be small." God will come in its frantic form, destroying the old society, old stereotypes of thinking in order to clear the way for those who know God in their hearts and live in accordance with the principles of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Babaji would like the revolution to take place peacefully, but we are not yet able to rebel against our bad qualities, and we ourselves cannot achieve our goals in life. Therefore, He will first eliminate all the harmful forces that hide God from man.
July 26, 1979
Some important statements made by Shri Babaji regarding future events in the world:
A change in the current, messy life will happen as a result of a bloody revolution. Peace will be established only after the revolution reaches its zenith.
A revolution will not go round a single country, neither large nor small, it will be universal. Some countries will be completely destroyed, without leaving a trace of their existence. In some countries 3-5% of the population will be spared and survive, only in a few up to 25%.
Destruction will be caused by earthquakes, floods, disasters, armed clashes and wars.
The destructive forces controlled by Shri Babaji are released to do their job.
Those who pray to God will not be touched.
July 28, 1979
Referring to previous predictions, Sri Babaji said that the revolution will be universal - like a scythe will pass the whole world from edge to edge. It will not be limited to a single country, but will cover the whole world, both small and large countries.
The revolution will gain momentum and reach its peak.
Now many people suffer from troubles and misfortunes, not only poor, but also wealthy. The political leaders of all countries are engaged in the struggle to maintain their position, completely ignoring the needs and interests of their people. They mislead the people. There is absolutely no safety, both of a person and his property.
New leaders are trained and prepared to take the place of these immoral rulers. They will restore justice and proper order and bring peace.
Currently, man is under the control of demonic influences. People will fight among themselves, destroying each other.
First there will be destruction, then a temporary lull and then the world will triumph. Some countries will be wiped off the face of the earth.
Prayer will be the only protection and savior from destruction.
Forget the past and the future, leave all other thoughts and pray with the full concentration of the mind and soul, completely trust God. Repeat
OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, and you can resist death. Do not think about life and death, no evil will come closer to you if you pray with a pure mind and heart, with all faith and concentration.
We are all equal, no matter which country from which. The difference of nationalities does not need to be given importance. We are all one. We must get rid of jealousy and envy, because they are destructive. We are all one with each other and with God.
In order not to anger me, you must be calm during the time of disaster. You should focus on Om Nam Shivaya. With this mantra you can defeat everything - it is stronger than all the bombs.

Whenever the world faces threatening problems, God incarnates in human form and comes to satisfy the needs and desires of mankind. However, when God comes in human form, few will recognize Him. It was the same with Rama, Krishna, with Christ and Mohamed. Only those to whom God wants to reveal Himself understand that He is actually more than just a person. He will lay insight in our minds and hearts, and it is our duty to pray to Him for the wisdom to know Him.
When working, you should always repeat the mantra that you like. You always need to repeat the mantra - this is your purification.
No need to lose courage, you must always be adventurous, trying to do something more than you are doing now.
A person may be perplexed: why should I work if everything is destroyed? But he is wrong, you need to work until the last breath, and avoid idleness.
What is meant by the rules of humanism and humanism, humanity? You must not hate anyone, you must try not to disappoint others, you must try to help others, treat everyone with love.
Some children do not like to play toys, but want to see their mother in their arms, just like Chao (the little girl who was in the meeting). They always really want to be with their mom. People like these children are called bhaktas (devotees of God), they choose to stay with God.
God comes to initiate us in Karma Yoga. Those who live in this world, in the field of work, lose a lot, if they do not work, do not improve, and mess around. Every atom of this planet has an all-pervading Brahman. Those who know this, try to work in this world day and night, will no doubt find God. Those who see the great God in the sun, moon, stars, earth, air, fire and water, and are always focused only on Him, will achieve success in life - they are truly faithful to God.
You must also transmit the doctrine of karma to others. In this age, you can achieve liberation only through karma. At other times, people practiced many varieties of yoga and sadhana (religious practice), but now no other sadhana except Karma Yoga will lead to liberation. Work by repeating the name of God. You cannot even comprehend how valuable karma is when chanting the name of God. The human mind is very fast, faster than the wind. Repeating the name of God during work will clear your mind of disturbing thoughts, and useless negative thoughts cannot penetrate into it. In order to raise a person, for the development of all mankind, karma is a great sadhana. Therefore, keep on developing through karma.
When God incarnated as Rama, there was a war between Him and Ravana, which lasted 14 days. During the incarnation of God Krishna, the war lasted 18 days. In this south, destruction will occur in no time. This destruction will be such that those who slept will remain asleep, those who have stood will stand. So the whole world will change. In this destruction, everything will change, nothing will remain as it was. Therefore, you should free yourself from attachment to the world. Only chanting the name of God will be useful to you - anything else is hopeless. God's name is stronger than a thousand atomic bombs. Save yourself by repeating the name of God. You all must know that the name of God is above all. Why are you tying your minds to transitory things in the world? Why don't you spend time meditating and chanting the name of God? Be attached only to God. Be brave and always go ahead. There will be many mountains to cross, but do not stop until you reach your goal. Be strong and never be discouraged.
"The temperature in Heyrakhan will become like in Badrinath (the sacred pilgrimage temple high in the Himalayas). Snow will cover the mountains, plains and shores of Gautama Ganga. You can’t imagine how cold it will be in Heyrakhana. Below Bareyli, people will die from storms and floods "The situation will completely change. It will be so cold that people will begin to die. Those who chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, who are righteous and who love God, will be protected."
Destruction will be in Punjab, West Bengal, and other Muslim countries. Some countries will be wiped out - in the future, nothing will remain of them. Most of America will be destroyed. Russia will survive.
In the time of the Pandavas, Rajsuya yajna was performed [2], and Russia was not touched then. During the time of Rama, Ashwamedh (similar to Rajsuya yagya) was held, and Russia was again not touched. Thanks to the grace of God, Russia is always protected. In Siberia, there is a temple complex dedicated to Hanuman, where you can see Hanuman captured by the servants Rama and Sita. By some miracle, Russia will survive the revolution in the world.
I do not belong to any particular religion, but I respect all religions. I strive for the revival of all mankind. The higher self in man must be developed and enthroned, while the lower self is destroyed. It will be destroyed in all countries of the world, and people's hearts will change. You understand?
Babaji will not spread the word of the revolution on radio, television, newspapers, or even in writing. He will do it simultaneously everywhere with the help of His inner strength ...
Shri Babaji teaches us about the unity of all creation. We are all made up of five elements, we are all one spirit. In all respects, we are one humanity, one human family. Borders arise because of political benefits. World leaders, tied to time, place and culture, create boundaries and make a difference. The inherent right of any person is to love and follow God. Disagreements arise due to human ignorance. Shri Babaji appeared to illuminate the minds and hearts of people, so that everyone would know what unity and harmony are.
Part 2
Babaji asked the question: "When a bomb falls during, say, Bombay, all people, including devotees, will die. What is meant by" salvation with the help of a mantra? "
Shri Babaji replies:
"The fear of death is born with a person, although this is the only thing from his future that he knows for sure. Attachment to material things makes a person cling to life. When you utter the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the Divine, you will accept death. As long as you are attached to life and fear death, you will die with this fear, and this weight will stick to you. If you have been liberated, you are free from death (you allow the inevitable). You will die without fear, and remembering the Name of God, your soul leaves the body free from fear and affection. If you "reborn, your soul is still not free from this fear. If you die in a state of unity with God, you are free from rebirth, unless you yourself want to."
As in the time of the Mahabharata, when the Pandavas needed strength ¬¬– they got them. When the time comes, everything will happen by itself. This revolution will light a fire everywhere. Only those who survive will have the courage to take risks, those who always strive for the truth. You all must improve in courage and risk appetite. That is why the thought of fulfilling debt should be the most important. Laziness is death for all people. Because of idleness, the world has reached a complete decline in spirit. To do karma is the right way, and only on this way is there happiness and peace.
Babaji reveals to you the secret of the future - The revolution will happen simultaneously throughout the world. Countries with modern weapons are in even greater danger.
Babaji is preparing for the Great Revolution. Where and when it will begin, now it will not be open. When the time comes, you will know. In the Treta Yuga, Kranti began in Sri Lanka, and before its beginning, no one, not even Rama, knew that it would begin there. In Dvapara Yuga, during the time of Lord Krishna, also no one knew where the revolution would begin. When it began in Kurukshetra, people from all over the world gathered there to start a world liberation war. Babaji will manifest to the world His divine purpose in the same way. As you know, the fire of revolution is already spreading around the world. There are no forces that could stop the fire and reduce the heat. Superpowers, like Russia and America, will not be able to meet the fire, even with their new weapons. Everything that they invented will be useless. Everything can be destroyed. Everyone should be ready for this revolution, especially those who are here now. Old and young, living in society and in seclusion, workers and the unemployed - all must participate. You need devotion to God, Love and Yoga to save the world and join the revolution. For those who are truly devoted to Babaji, the flame of fire will be cool. Do not fear the fire, and it will turn into ice. It requires power over the mind and firm determination. Everyone should consider themselves a fighter and be active. Everyone will have to go through the fire.
Get ready for the rising of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, the Sun of Divine Consciousness over the land of Russia
Beloved Babaji
June 16, 2005

I AM Babaji who has come to you again.
I have come for guidance, and what I want to say will be important for your spiritual development. Today I have to talk about those prophecies and those predictions that are known to many, but have not received sufficient distribution in your world.
When I was in embodiment, the place where I gave my Teaching was called Haydakhan. People came from all over the world to attend my darshan. I gave them grace from my heart. I nourished their beings with Light. And even those who never had an idea of how to treat Teacher felt awe during my presence and communication with them.
There are many secrets of God that cannot be revealed to your consciousness, because your consciousness does not have a sufficient degree of purity, integrity of perception. I gave some of these secrets to my closest students.
And in order to reveal these secrets to a wider audience, the time has not come yet. But you should always know that God still has many unsolved secrets for you.
And the instruction that I would like to give you concerns your sense of God, your Divine feeling. Never think that you have already comprehended all the Divine secrets. Never think that the views and beliefs that are now present in your head, in your outer consciousness, are infallible and only true. I understand that it is important for you to have certain dogmas in your head in order to limit your perception and to better see the objects around you. This is similar to how you illuminate a certain space with a flashlight, and you can see the things that you light up and make a more or less clear picture of them.
However, one should never judge the entire Creation by that illuminated space that can illuminate your consciousness.
A wise person always remembers that outside the area that is illuminated by his external consciousness, there is a vast area of what he is not yet able to perceive.
Your main mistake, which causes most of the troubles in your world, is that you argue among themselves that your flashlight illuminates all things much more correctly. And only the light of your flashlight should guide the lives of all people on Earth.
You can even argue among themselves hoarsely and convince each other that it is necessary for the whole world to use your flashlights, and then he will be happy.
You should always remember that dawn will come and the sun will illuminate all things with the bright Light of the day. And the light of your flashlights in bright sunlight will be barely visible. And those objects that you lit your flashlight in the dark, take on a completely different shape in the bright light of the sun. Are you worth the effort of proving to each other the correctness of your beliefs, when the day comes and the sun of your Divine presence clearly illuminates all things, and you can know the Divine Truth not with your limited human mind, but with the mind of the Ascended Being of Light.
A wise person will never argue with the worldview system that other people have. It is very unhealthy for health to come to a foreign country with your own traditions and begin to convince the people of this country that they all live without exception and have a misconception about God.
All missionaries have sinned this at all times. They came to a foreign country and tried to instill their traditions of faith in this country.
There is only one Divine Truth that is behind all religions of the world. And wise people always try to know this greatest Truth, and not to impose their understanding of the Divine Truth on the world. If you, each, will stand on your beliefs and prove that only they are faithful and there is nothing more true and correct in the world, then you will limit your progress and begin to cultivate undivine qualities in yourself, such as spiritual pride and idolatry.
Therefore, I urge you to constantly strive to maintain your consciousness at the level of high Divine vibrations. In this state, you become kinder, more tolerant. Your whole being radiates love, kindliness, joy, peace.
Learn to discern in yourself these states of your consciousness. And strive for these states of your consciousness. Only when you are in this state of consciousness do you become capable of perceiving the Divine Truth.
Now I would like to tell you a little about the land of Russia.
Prophecies exist, and these prophecies are widely known in India that Russia must be reborn, Russia must become a country that will be based on new principles, on the principles of the true Faith. The history of Russia, and especially recent history, has given the people of this country lessons of detachment from any worldview system. As if specifically, the consciousness of the people of this country underwent the influence of completely different ideologies and views.
For the consciousness of a person in embodiment, a quick change in external ideological attitudes is like a hurricane or tornado. Any breaking stereotypes of perception of reality is perceived by the human being as a disaster. And for a person, especially for his lower bodies, including the physical, such a change of ideology poses a great threat and causes stress.
However, such shakes play an extremely important role in the development of the human soul. A person who experiences similar stresses associated with the collapse of his former worldview acquires a more expanded consciousness and is able to look at the world more broadly.
In this sense, Russia compares favorably with any other country in the world. Of course, India and Tibet are countries with rich spiritual traditions. However, precisely because these traditions are many thousands of years old, they inhibit the development of people's consciousness.
What is good on the physical plane is not always as useful for the development of the soul.
The people who lived all this time on the territory of Russia and continue to live now, despite all the difficulties, received the highest initiations, comparable to the initiations that gave their disciples the greatest adherents of the past.
And in the number of people who have reached the consciousness of Christ, Russia occupies a leading place in the world.
Therefore, Russia will be the country where people from all over the globe will come and undergo their training. The wealth that Russia has is not in the earth. This is not gold, this is not oil. Russia's wealth is of much higher value, and it is concentrated in the minds of the best representatives of the peoples living in this country.
And just like a lot of waste rock, among which you can find gold nuggets, just as many people who for some reason could not overcome their consciousness and pass initiations. But those people who were able to do this deserved truly the best spiritual rewards and received recognition from the Ascended Host.
All these last hundred years there has been a smelting in the Divine furnace. And now we have the opportunity to observe the pure gold of the Divine consciousness in the form of halo surrounding the heads of the Russian light bearers.
Everything that happened in Russia and regarding the passage of initiation by many sons and daughters of this country was predicted. And this prophecy is hidden even in the geographical names themselves that exist on the territory of this country.
The rivers Om and Tara, symbolizing the unity of the masculine and feminine principles of the Godhead, flow in the place where the rebirth of Russia will begin. First, people with a level of consciousness of Christ and Buddha appear. They deserve this consciousness through difficult initiations and trials. Then, through the consciousness of these people, the surrounding world changes, acquires qualities closer to the Divine world.
Now these people, these nuggets are hidden under a thick layer of waste rock. And an inexperienced look is unlikely to make out these nuggets of the Spirit. However, if you cannot make out gold in the waste rock, this does not mean that this gold is not in it. It’s just that you have not yet reached the level of discrimination that will allow you to discern these nuggets of the Spirit.
Therefore the prophecy is spoken. And the prophecy must be fulfilled.
And if you even make all your efforts to ensure that the sun does not rise and does not illuminate the dark corners of your consciousness with your Light, the sun will still rise.
Therefore, prepare for the rising of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, the Sun of Divine Consciousness over the land of Russia.
I AM Babaji.