Connection of gemstones with planets


The ancient sages claimed that stones live their own lives - invisible to us and have subtle energies that allow them to tune in to the influence of space. Vedic astrologers use these amazing properties of precious stones to enhance the energies of the planets.
The Vedic astrologer can recommend you this or that gem solely on the basis of the location of the planets in the individual horoscope, having analyzed deeply what energy of which planet needs to be strengthened. In addition, the stone must be worn on the finger of the planet corresponding to it, it must be a certain number of carats, without defects, cleaned and charged with energy. It is also important on what day of the week you should start wearing it.

As mentioned above, each gem corresponds to a specific planet:

Sun - Ruby
Moon - Natural Sea Pearls
Mars - Coral
Mercury - Emerald
Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire
Venus is a diamond
Saturn - Blue Sapphire
Rahu - Hessonite
Ketu - Cat's Eye
So, having in their horoscope weakened planets they can be strengthened by wearing precious stones. In this case, your jewelry will not only delight the eye with its beauty, but also carry out a very important and useful function.

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