Anastas Kostin

Date of birth:
Country, region (city):
Семейный статус:
Bad habits:
Neutral attitude
Type of food:
Хуторянин, санитар
My goals:
Счастье. И изменить мир
Inspiring me music:
Янка, Наутилус, эмбиент, инструментальная музыка, классика и другое
Favorite movies:
Общество Мертвых Поэтов, Стилляги, Куда Приводят Мечты, Целитель Адамс...
The main purpose of registration (search for like-minded people, work, dating, expanding horizons, self-development, or both?):
Ищем друзей
What qualities of character you like in people?:
Доброта, сострадание, чувство юмора, скромность
On what topics you like to talk?:
Любовь, жизнь, смерть, детская психология, межличностные отношения, энергоинформационика, эзотерика
What would you like to change in the world and that it needs to do?:
Уровень сознательности, культуры поднять выше. Это несложно
What skills and abilities you want to learn (to build natural homes, grow plants without chemicals, creating natural water cours:
Играть на гитаре, построить дом, смотреть на привычные вещи новым взглядом, любить
What exactly do you need to be happy? (Health, many friends, a loved one, family, wealth, spiritual development, home or both?):
Личное развитие и эффективность
What kind of gifts do you like (practical for home, for hobbies that help you work, surprises, delicious or another?):
Your attitude to children?:
Tell us about your pet, if you have?:
Кот. Мудрый и верный. Мы путешествуем вместе
What's your favorite time of the year and why?:
Осень. За чувство резонанса со мной
Which environmental projects were you would be interesting to take part (help people to plant trees, help homeless animals, garb:
Во многих